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The Disability Rights Bar Association Stands in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

The Disability Rights Bar Association (DRBA) stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement to bear witness to the pain of centuries of racial oppression, inequity, and white supremacy intensified by recent brutal actions, including the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. Read DRBA's statement here. I am proud to sit on DRBA's Board of Directors and to have contributed to this powerful message.

DRBA, an association of lawyers, policy makers and academics working in the disability rights space, has long stood against oppression and marginalization in all forms. DRBA recognizes that race/ethnicity and disability status play a major role in individuals' experiences with law enforcement and that law enforcement harms individuals living at the intersection of these identities in disproportionately high numbers.

By issuing its statement, DRBA solidifies and makes public the following commitments: (1) to increase our work fighting racism and disability discrimination in police practices and the criminal justice system; (2) to address intersectional oppression and work meaningfully with the goal of dismantling the systems of oppression and white supremacy operating in our country; (3) to increase the number of black people in our organization, especially in leadership positions; and (4) to call upon other entities to take action in support of black people.

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