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Standing in Solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

The Law Office of Michelle Uzeta condemns racism, violence against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community and violence against women in the strongest possible terms. We join people everywhere in mourning the victims of the horrific and senseless shootings in Atlanta.

Stop AAPI Hate recently announced in a national report that they tracked 3,795 anti-Asian hate incidents in the last 12 months. This represents just a fraction of the hate crimes actually perpetrated against the AAPI community. Notably, but not surprisingly, a disproportionate number of the attacks reported were directed at women (68%), and members of the Chinese community (42%).

Collectively, we have an obligation to stand up and speak out against oppression in all its forms. This includes calling out the fetishization, hyper-sexualization and marginalization of Asian women and resisting efforts to normalize hatred and violence resulting from anti-Asian rhetoric perpetuated by white supremacy.

Together we can make a difference. #StopAsianHate #StopAAPIHate

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